BUG: Export checkboxes missing

I noticed that when exporting to disk, the checkboxes next to each of the export settings is now gone! If I want to export multiple images (for instance, different sized images for a web gallery), I have to export each size separately now. Whereas before it would export every variation that was checked.

I’m on a Mac, OS 10.14.5, Photolab Elite 2.3.0, build 38

Attached is a screenshot for reference.

Something’s wrong. I’m running Build 23891 (the PC version) and the checkboxes are there.

Not the case on my mac and the same version of DPL. You might want to download a fresh copy of DPL and reinstall it…

I’ll try reinstalling and see if that fixes it. Fingers crossed. Thanks all!

Exact same versions, no problem here.
Good luck to get it working again soon.

Reinstalled and restarted, still no checkboxes. Oh well. I have an Automator script that does the same thing with GraphicConverter. I’ll use that instead.

I read somewhere that the multiple export is only for the Elite version, maybe there is a problem with the license/registration ?

@sgospodarenko maybe there is something we can do to solve the problem here ?

Daniel - have you contacted support already?