BUG: DPL4 -> closing the opening page quits DPL

When DPL4 build 50 is opened for the first time, it presents an opening page in which the default preset can be established. This is a nice feature, specially for new users.

When I don’t want to define a default preset and simply click on the “red button” (close window), DPL4 simply quits.

I consider this to be a bug.

Couldn’t this be defined as a “First Run” option?

Where PL expects you select a default, which can be changed or later customized?

Similar to running a licensed software and not accepting the license agreement on first run. If you don’t do this, example Adobe Acrobat, the program closes and will present the same dialog the next time it is opened.

This is not a bug in my opinion due to what I mentioned above. Maybe others will add their comments.

What do you mean by red button? In MacOS I have the standard “close window” button. I assume it’s the same in Windows. If I click this button I expect the application to close and not to continue.

I really like this dialog and think it makes it easier for new users to find this important setting.

What should happen in this case? The dialog offers “DxO Standard”, “Optical Corrections” and “No Corrections”. What other possibility could the program choose if you don’t want to define a default preset? Isn’t that the same as “no corrections”?

Dialogs mostly have buttons for okay and cancel. Canceling an action leaves things as they are. This means that dxo should assume a default (as during the >10 years before) if a preset is not selected. Instead of the new practice where I can select one of three proposals while there are many more, hinting at the feature would be quite sufficient imo.

I consider the current behaviour to be on the less than optimal side of things. Imagine a new user: why should he/she know which preset to choose?

We are not talking about a licensing dialog (which has all the right options), we’re dealing with an info only. Quitting on “close that info popup” could be considered rude or irritating at least.