BUG: DPL 4 cannot create projects

This is with DPL 4.3.1 build 60 on macOS Mojave (and Catalina) on iMac 2019

When I want to create a project

  • right-clicking on a selection of images or
  • through the respective menu item, the “create” button is greyed out.
  • Both options seem to be “off”.

On the positive side:

  • Projects from DPL 3 will appear in DPL4, if DPL 4 is quit and the settings file is deleted.
  • Once there is a project, the project tool bar appears and more projects can be added.
  • The project toolbar also appears when I click on the Projects entry in the sidebar (as in earlier versions)

I can confirm this

I can also confirm as I tried to do this for the first time in a long time just a few days ago.

However, you can create projects successfully by using the method described in the manual. Click on the Projects heading in the sidebar, then click the + button on the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the sidebar.

I only discovered this approach because I could not get the more obvious approach, described above, to work.

Thanks a lot!
The bug has been reported.