Bug: Crop metadata get's deleted by PureRaw 3

This is a bug that was fixed in PureRaw 2 but then reintroduced with an update and is still not fixed in PureRaw 3:
If you select a different then native aspect ratio on a camera, e.g. with an OM System OM-1 “3:2” (native is 4:3 for MFT), the RAW still is a 4:3 but the metadata contains the crop information “3:2”.

If you open the RAW in Lightroom which interprets this data the image is shown with a crop to 3:2 which can be reversed with the crop tool to 4:3 again. This also applies to converted DNGs.

If I use PureRAW 3 though the exported DNGs (or any other file format) miss that information and the crop to 3:2 is not shown in Lightroom. Instead the image is shown without a crop and it’s native 4:3 aspect ratio.

Please fix this! I reported this 3 times (3 tickets!) to your support division. The first time it was fixed, than the bug was reintroduced by an update of PureRaw 2 and since then it’s still not fixed. I won’t provide any additional data anymore though because I’m sick of it: I already done that 3 times and the bug was confirmed every time but not fixed in the timeframe I was told except for the first time before it was re-introduced. This really is annoying and you should work on your internal processes and your release-management: Reintroducing already solved bugs happens but then not fixing it again for about 4-5 months is really a bad joke…

I understand your frustration but despite this URL of this forum being ‘forum.dxo.com’, this is actually a user forum and, sadly, DxO rarely respond to any posts. If you have already reported the bug then you just have to wait to see if DxO do anything about the bug.

Its unknown if they even bother looking at whats even posted here