BRUSH Tool not working correctly - Nick 4.3.2 on Win 11 latest & PhotoShop latest

If you use the brush mode (in photoshop latest version on windows 11 latest version), that is the negative mask on a new layer with the nik filter applied, the specific nik toolbar for the mask processing does not work correctly.
Specifically (ref. Page 132 English manual):
→ Eraser button:
it does not work, in addition to inverting the color to work on the mask (which is correct, from white to black), it performs an undo (single).
→ Fill button:
after applying the fill, it performs an undo (single).
→ Erase button:
it inverts the brush mask color according to the previously used one and performs an undo (single), but first applying a fill.

This applies to all nik plugins!

Is it my problem or does it happen to you too?
Note: I reinstalled windows 11 from scratch this week and also photoshop + nik (directly v4.3.2)

Thank you!