Brush Size Shortcut Keys with DXO

I have a Wacom Intuos graphics pad, and I am trying to program brush size shortcuts to the Wacom. Can somebody tell me the DXO PL6 equivalent to the Photoshop “[” and “]” shortcuts for brush size?

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Hi and welcome here,

unfortunately there are no (more) keystrokes, that you can use to program your wacom tablet,

but what I did …

… to get these functions

TouchRing = Zoom

Crtl (Strg) + TouchRing = (brush) size

Shift (Umschalt) + TouchRing = (brush) feather

“For years” the experienced user community here has been pestering DxO to create/standardize a comprehensive list of keyboard/F-key command shortcuts for use with custom keyboards, macro decks, and graphics pads.

No luck or even acknowledgment of the requests so far.