Brush size adjustments

Having trouble locating a shortcut () to adjust brush size. Maybe one doesn’t exist yet. Real handy for a little dodge/burn session.


Which operating system? I believe that Mac is a bit different than a PC. On a PC Both the brush and Auto-mask can be sized by holding down the Alt key while rolling the mouse wheel. There is also a slider displayed in the upper left corner of the image which allows you to drag a bar to change the brush size and Auto-mask size. For Auto-mask you can only modify the size and for the brush there is also a slider for Feathering, Flow and Opacity.

Mark .

Thanks for the reply, Mark
I have a PC and the ALT and mouse wheel enlarges the image and has no impact on brush size.

Any other ideas?

For those that care, the brush size on a PC can be adjusted by CTRL+ALT and mouse wheel to adjust.
I don’t find this shortcut documented anywhere, but could just be my oversight. Took pounding a lot of KEYS to discover!!!

My dumb error. It’s the Ctrl key, not the Alt key. Don’t know why I typed Alt. and although Mike indicated Ctr+Alt as the solution, you really only need the Ctrl key and the mouse wheel to resize. Sorry for the confusion.


Hello guys,

Actually, you can see the shortcut keys in the Help panel :wink:


Svetlana G.


Wow, I have scheduled an eye appointment… I have had that panel open many times and never notice that??

At your pleasure :grinning:

I’m looking for the keyboard shortcut for this… Any ideas?

These are all the keystrokes shortcuts for local adjustments in the Windows version of PhotoLab 7. For resizing the Brush, Auto-Mask and Eraser, depressing and holding the Ctrl key while rotating the mouse wheel is still the same shortcut I indicated 6 years ago.

Hope this helps

The complete shortcuts list is the fifth menu item from the top in the Help menu.

That’s depressing. I was hoping for something I could assign to my TourBox… like I did with Lightroom. Having to move to the mouse takes time, and takes my hands off my tablet. The Tourbox/Tablet is a great combo. But not if there isn’t a keystroke for things. Works in other products. Anyone know if this is on the roadmap?

It is highly unlikely that they will change it anytime soon.


User shortcut management is a usual on about any software and requested for photolab since a long time feature.
But it seems it is difficult for photolab to get basic features other softwares (of any kind) have since decades (poor basic software architecture ?).