Blurred preveiw even at 100%

Hi, this is a serious issue for me. When I preview @100% in PL5, the image is blurred.When I export the image into Lightroom as a DNG, it’s ok. I can’t work with that.

Here’s an example:

Preview in PL5, 100%:

The same, exported as DNG in Lightroom:

These are screenshots form a 100% magnification crop from a Fujifilm X-H1 file. Please click on the image to view correctly.

I cannot work like that in PL5. It’s not possible to do any serious editing this way.

Any thoughts?


Hi, Dirk. I think more information is needed. Is your OS Windows or Mac? Do you still see the problem if you restart PhotoLab? Is the preview window always blurry at 100%, or does it get that way after you do something in particular?

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That’s on Windows. It doesn’t go away when I restart PL5 of if I do something in particular. I expected the 100% view to be accurate (I searched the forum before posting, so I know about the “under 70% it’s blurry” issue. And that the DeepPrime is not showing in the preview too. ) I was very impressed when I demoed the new Fuji X-Trans support and DeepPrime (that has not changed, it’s really good, and I will use it on my low-light high ISO shots) but as is, PL5 is not ready to replace either Lightroom or CaptureOne…

Slight digression: there’s a lot of emphasis on DXO’s Adobe Lightroom integration, which is why I went for the Black Friday deal, but it’s not as integrated as I would have expected. I demoed the main features I was interested in and for which DXO has a great and well-deserved reputation (lens profiles, film sims, DeepPrime) and that was all OK but when I started to actually build a pleasing workflow I found a lot of hurdles…

Good morning!

We definitely need this image + sidecar for the investigation? Please, upload them via and let me know when ready.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Done. I uploaded the raw file, the OOC jpeg for reference and the .dop

This image also showcases another bug that I have mentioned a while ago to @Marie, which is that the .raf (this is Fuji X-Trans) imported in PL5 needs 1, 2 or in this case even 3 (!!) stops exposure boost, which is probably related to the in-camera DR settings not being correctly interpreted from the EXIF.

We also see (although the image is not really suited for revealing this) that colors don’t transcribe well when the DNG is read in Lightroom. I have sent in a bug report with download links to some files and instructions on how to reveal the issue. The ticket number is #306187

Don’t hesitate to come back to me for more information if necessary.


Okay, thank you!

Svetlana G.

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