Blown highlight get purple

Don’t know if I forgot to hit submit, I posted this yesterday but it doesn’t turn up and my other posts have been approved. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

I had understood it the problem PhotoLab had with blown highlights sometimes turning purple when saving as DNG was resolved. But I get it with the PureRAW trial. I was looking forward to buying PureRAW now when it’s rebated, but this really is a showstopper for me since I like to shoot in the city at night and there is no way to avoid blown street lamps and so on.

Is this problem expected to get fixed? If it matters my camera is an Olympus E-M1.


In case this after all isn’t a well known problem I’ll attach an example. I just shot some stuff under my desk lamp and intentionally overexposed the white papers. This is a screen cap from darktable, but the color will be there in the final image as well, just as seen here.

From what I find on the web this affects mainly, but not exclusively, Olympus cameras. And it isn’t a problem with darktable. Some examples from Skylum and Affinity forums.