Blending layers

Can you blend layers in Dxo Photo 4 like in Photoshop?

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Thank you for the suggestion. Btw, you can vote for it by yourself (top left corner).

Svetlana G.

The closest to working with layers in PhotoLab is what you can do in the Local Adjustment tool. Other than that, PhotoLab works quite differently than Photoshop.

What would you like to see if PhotoLab had Layers? Adjustments? Masks? Reordering of layers? etc. Photoshop has a bag full of layer-related features and if DxO thinks of introducing layers, it might be interesting to tell them what the most needed functionality was…

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I would find useful to have same as capture one, ie creating masks (using brush, and other tools including luminance mask) for which you can apply all the functionnalities. In local adjustments you have only a part for instance you don’t have tsl and the sliders are too painful.


@Man More controls need to be added to the local adjustments for sure. Regarding the sliders, are you aware the sensitivity of their movement can be controlled by moving the mouse horizontally?

Yes, but is it my config ? In that case it is too slow decreasing one by one (for WB slider it is not appropriate for instance) I am really struggling to put an exact value quick.
For instance let’s imagine you want to increase luminosity by 0,3. It takes me several attempts. The slider for luminosity should be non linear and allow more precise values in the low range or just be same as general sliders with possibility to enter a value.

I just google and came up your post. Interesting…and thanks for sharing