Blank fields in PL6

I have several blank fields in PL6. I am running it on the latest Monterey update.
I have PL5 also installed, which was installed before I installed PL6.

The “intent” field is empty, with no choice offered when clicking in the field:
The same goes for the vignetting field, I no longer have the “manual” option. When I select the blank field, nothing happens.

Update: a reboot fixed the issue.

I have noticed similar “bugs”
After installing PL6 on Mac I noticed empty fields like Jibx. Closing DXO and opening again fixed this for this tool.
But working through the palettes and tools sometimes the empty field problem occurs again with other tools. Once the complete detail palette was empty. Closing/opening PL6 fixed it. I have not to reboot the whole system.(Monterey 12.6, MBair M1)

Indeed. In my case it was Smart Lightning. Mode only showed “V3Custon” at first startup.


Checked PL5, to be sure what should be shown instead


Wanted to start a thread for this also, when it disappeared after moving the slider.
Besides that, until now, transition from PL5 to PL6 whiteout any issues.

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