Black stripes from DeepPrime /PL5 / macOS Monterey

The DeepPrime function usually produces a thick horizontal black bar on my output photo. It doesn’t matter if I have CPU acceleration or GPU acceleration set. Interestingly though, it almost always happens on crop pictures and rarely when processing full format. The Prime function works normally.

PL 5.1.2, Built 53, Mac Mini 2018, i7, 32GB RAM, macOs 12.3 (previous versions the same error)

Samples: Dropbox - DXO DeepPrime Bar - Simplify your life

Can you upload the raw file for testing?

I’ve added them to Dropbox.

Hello Jirka,
no problem on my side with these files. I exported all of them with DP and “no crop” and “with crop”
This is on Catalina and not on Monterey.


OK. Thank You.

I recommend to open a ticket with support