Black Friday upgrade pricing

I upgraded to PL6E complete (including VP and PF) shortly after PL6 production was released. Next year I plan to wait for Black Friday for the upgrade to PL7. Although I can see the upgrade price for the NIK collection, that I do not plan to upgrade or use unless as plugins for Affinity 2, I cannot see the upgrade price for PL6E, VP, or PF because I have current product licenses. Could someone post these prices, preferably for USA?

Find your upgrade prices in your shop account.

If you already own the upgrade then the shop account doesn’t show the BF upgrade price. At least in the U.S. This practice started last year, I assume to keep down complaints from those who upgraded earlier. Seems to have worked as I haven’t seen very many complaints here.

I cannot find upgrade pricing because I have upgraded. What I am curious about is how much I would have saved had I not assumed that there would be better Nikon Z9 support if I upgraded before Black Friday (assuming PL6E would have Black Friday lower pricing). There is no better Z9 support and I have should have waited. Anyone on this list NOT upgraded and can relay what pricing DxO displays for the upgrade?

PhotoLab 6 upgrade is €69. ViewPoint 4 is €45. Nik 5 is €39. No VAT exemption for EU business customers (legally obligatory). DxO pockets the money instead.

Will put a red reminder in my calendar for 2023…

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And in the UK the upgrade prices for these two products (PL6 Eite and VP4) are the same figures - but in £s.

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