Big Sur Compatability

Where do I find out if the latest DxO software (DxO PhotoLab 4 and NIK Collection 3) is compatible with MacOS 11 Big Sur. If not, when?

I’m not a MacOS guy but I’m pretty sure that there is no problem with PL4 on Big Sur. There were some problems with NIK early on but I think those have all been cleared up. There are still some problems with using NIK as plugins for Photoshop 2021 though.

Thanks, Mark. I’m going to need a definitive answer though, DxO PL4 is a frequent part of my workflow and I don’t want to have to downgrade the OS after upgrading and finding trouble.

@nauticalmac, there are a few threads dealing with DPL (and NIK) on macOS Big Sur. Use the search function to browse and read what others have found so far. Also check the requirements here:

I’ve tested DPL4 on an Apple Silicon MacBook Air that runs Big Sur, and have found comparable performance when editing and nothing troublesome so far.

The release notes at explicitly mention Big Sur compatibility and support.

Thanks! I was having trouble finding a system requirements link, I’ve found it now.