BIG problem with PR3 and LR using "Content Aware" Tool

I’m a long time user of DxO products and been using PR2 until my upgrade a month ago. Here below is what I just submitted this today to DxO – anyone else having this issue (See attached file)?

Just updated to PR3 version 3.8 (Build 30) today 12/21/2023 and there is a BIG problem using Deep Prime (maybe XD too – did not test) if the “Content Aware Tool” in LightRoom version 13.1 is used it show up darker – this is a major issue. I am running WIN10 (64x) computer.

are you suggesting that it is a bug in DxO code and not some issue with ACR/LR that in this case has nothing to do with DxO ?

do you mind to share raw file so that people can take a look ?

Please can you post the same image processed the same way by Lightroom’s Content Aware Tool BUT pre-processed using PR2 That will alow us (and DxO) to see the problem you say say has been introduced via PR3.

It is a bug in DxO PR3 as it NEVER happened with PR2. At this point, I just do the Content-Aware tool after I run through DxO. Another issue is that I have to fully close our LR and open DxO as a stand-alone to process images without getting an error in processing (there is no DxO code). This is unfortunate as I was hoping to be able to process directly from LR but it only works half the time. SO FRUSTRATING! In 20 years I have never had a program be so buggy.