Beware price bait and switch

Bought upgrades to Photolab 5 and Nik 4 over the BF period. Used a coupon and was shown a price which I purchased at. I even have an email from the purchasing system which shows this. All good I think…

Got my credit card statement today and the price charged was $20 higher. Double-check the email to make sure I had the right price and then log into my DxO account to find that they had gone and created a new invoice for me dated 3 days after my actual purchase at the higher price and completely wiped out any mention of the one I have the email proof of. Very unhappy about this dodgy sales practise.

I’ve been a very long time customer of DxO but no more if this is how they are now conducting business.

Did you try following up with DxO to find out how this happened? There’s plenty of time later to accuse them of a bait and switch if you don’t get it resolved.


@photisify, have you tried a support request?

Enter it at the lower end of this page:

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Please, follow @platypus advice:

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