Better Maskng Tools

Are you ever going to implement AI masking tools and masking tools that have edge detection and if so when is the approximate timeline?


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Welcome to the DxO users’ forum. The auto-masking (A-mask) will find edges. Control points and Control Lines will find edges where there is a sharp difference in chroma or luma values across the edge(Chroma/ Luma sliders must be precisely tuned for this to work).

Hi Jeff,
It’s probably gone be in 2027 as part of the new “Ultra Filter Pack” introduced then that will cost $ 199 at that time that needs to be installed to have the AI masking functional in PhotoLab-10!

This is a user site. DxO staff only occasionally post here and they never respond to queries about potential future features.


This has been requested a few times over the years (search the forum), and DxO has not made their intentions known. Hopefully they recognize that implementing it would be to their advantage. I added my vote to older requests and am not going to do that again for this one.