Better Load Tolerance

I propose that DxO change the implementation of how large numbers of images are handled.

The current implementation freezes DPL and Finder while previews are rendered (or whatever DPL does after selection of a large folder)

Here is how I tested and a few observations:

  • Number of EOS 5D3 .cr2 files on local ssd: 1635
  • CPU time used until load got to zero (Library module): 32 minutes!
  • CPU load while DPL did whatever it was doing: 100-200%
  • General responsiveness of DPL and Finder: very low
  • Database size: 4 MB (db-wal file: 215 MB)

While DPL was working, images appeared in no special order, previews flashed on and off, some came with a question mark which disappeared after flashing on and off a few times. I left my Mac alone while I let DPL do its thing.

From a user point of view, it would be perfectly okay if DPL only calculated images that show on screen (Library module or film strip) plus a few ahead of the view. Doing the whole lot seems to be a poor choice.

The improvement should also be made available in DPL for Windows.

Good morning,

I’ve voted for that suggestion, and we discussed things like “using parallel and background processes in the near future” in an older thread between February and April. Hope we will see lot of improvements with the next version.

best regards Guenter