Best 13" Windows laptop for Photolabs 6 ?

Am looking to downsize my laptop computer and use an external monitor for photo editing. Want to be able to run Photolabs 6. Do not want to switch from Windows to Mac. All of the 13" laptops I have seen have Intel Iris Xe graphic cards. I assume that a laptop configured with that card will struggle with PL6, especially when denoising files (should add that one of my cameras is the Sony 61MP A7RIV).?

Any recommendations for 13" laptops that perhaps I’ve not considered? Really would rather steer clear of 15" but might, to get the higher end graphic card. Thanks!

Maybe you can look for 14" like Acer Predator Triton 300SE (PT314-51s-57YJ) - 14,0" FHD IPS, Intel i5-11300H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GeForce RTX3060, Windows 10

That’s a model a freind of mine bought some time ago…and I’ve heard no bad messages about :sunglasses:

My brother in law has one of these, and it runs Photolab, Photoshop, and Lightroom quite well.
Microsoft 13" Multi-Touch Surface Pro 9 QEZ-00018 B&H Photo Video (

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the Surface Pro has an integrated Intel Iris Xe card, something I specifically want to steer clear of. ALso, it’s underpowered (at least for my needs) with respect to other features as well.

I’m a bit late to this topic so you might have already made your purchase…

I recently bought a new laptop after much deliberation. I started off wanting a 13" screen but then decided a 100% sRGB compliant monitor was more important to me so I ended up with a ‘build your own’ Lenovo LOQ 15 machine.

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Lenovo has a nice line of small/fast machines with excellent screens (color calibrated / wide gamut / high nit brightness) and on-board RTX 3x and 4x GPUs. Good prices as well.

Thanks for the comments. I definitely wanted a 13" laptop as it’s lighter than a 15" (for travel) and I have a big monitor to use when home. Buying 15" laptops with good configurations (especially the graphics card) is easy…it’s the 13" where it is tricky to configure re RAM and graphics card.


Lenovo just recently launched new, more powerful 13" laptops that look interesting. I ended up buying a 14" Alienware that I’m quite happy with…good graphics card, 32 G RAm and 1TB drive.