Benefits of other s/w with PL7

I am interested in PL7 and liked it during my trial. My question is around other s/w.

From my trial experience, I saw some additional options in PL7 when I installed FilmPack. I am debating whether I need it. Must explore a bit more.

Similarly, do ViewPoint and PureRAW offer any additional features to PL7? It isn’t clear to me from the documentation.


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AFAIK, the answer is yes for VP (Anamorphosis correction, Miniature effect, ReShape tool, Flip and Mirror image.) and no for DPR.

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VP does, PR does not. PR is a redundant subset of PL and can only tune features crudely.
Check out the PR user guide to get an impression.


Like others +
ViewPoint is indispensable for monument photography and very interesting in street photography and group of people [Edit]
Unnecessary for portrait and landscape shots.



…unless we have a wide-angle photo of (a group of) persons that will look fatter near the image edges than they actually are. VP can help you fix such an effect with “Volume Anamorphosis”.


Thanks all for the replies. I will give the anamorphosis correction in VP a try.

It works brilliantly and I have salvaged a number of images of buildings taken in close proximity where keeping the camera lens parallel with the building wasn’t possible due to height/distance. Just beware the more you straighten the more is cropped.

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Not really adding to the answers, but I found Luminosity masking extremely useful when added by having Filmpack, which wasn’t even my initial target (was only meaning to get the film simulation).

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Something similar…
I realized that when photos under harsh stage lighting have blown up areas on dancers’ faces, some film presets correct it easily. I understand such features exist but haven’t understood enough to figure out how to use them as needed. Thanks.