Behavior enhancement of Local Adjustment button

DXo Photolab is a nice piece of software but generally require more mouse actions than its main competitor Lightroom.

Request 1 :
When deselecting the Local Adjustment button, if a “sub” local adjustment button is still selected (e.g. control point, graduated filter…), the related masks still appear on the image. Therefore we have to buttons to deselect :confused:
It would be nice to deselect all “sub” Local Adjustment buttons at once when deselecting the main local adjustment button.

Request 2 :
When selecting the main Local Adjustment button, generally we want to choose the kind of local adjustment we want to achieve (e.g. contol point). But in this right column, the scroll bar position remains in the same position it was during the last action.
It would be nice to move on top the Local Adjustment column scroll bar any time we reselect the Local Adjustment button by clicking on it.

Thank you very much in advance.