Beginner with PureRaw and lots of Lightroom experience.. Can they work together well?

I’m a fumbling beginner with PureRaw, and is my main software for noise reduction. Can PureRaw be used as a plug-in and worked with from within Lightroom, or do I need to just work with PureRaw independently and coordinate my workflow as best possible? For instance, I do cropping and adjusting from within Lightroom, but when I load that image into PureRaw, PureRaw does not respect the cropping and uses the full image. No big, but is wasting disk space to not just work with the cropped area of the image I have ready to clean up in PureRaw. Any tips and help is appreciated and TIA, Ken

Best way (imo) is to

  1. Run a folder of original raw image files through PureRaw, using DNG as output
  2. Sync the respective folder so that the DNGs appear in Lr
  3. Sync settings from original files into DPR’s DNGs
    Note that colours can shift, I mostly see this with saturated reds