Before/after slider?

Hello guys,

I’ve come across a few videos featuring a draggable slider in the before/after comparison preview, but that just isn’t there on my installation.

Am I missing something here? It has never been there for me. I’ve recently added Filmpack Elite and Viewpoint, so my Photolab is fully ‘stacked’.

I love this feature, but I can’t find a setting or anything anywhere?

kind regards, Frank

Your question prompted me to look for this myself. I found this: Enter full-screen view (F11) and then select the Vertical Screen Preview tool ©. Is that what you were looking for?

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That’s mostly a Mac feature.
when you open local adjustments , then the splitscreen gives this slider also in windows.

Yes indeed in F11 it’s there too.

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Hi all,

Thanks! Yes, that is the feature. Seems strange you don’t have this option in normal editing modes. It should be in my opinion!

But nevertheless, now at least I know how to access it, thanks!

regards, Frank

Hello everybody,

Yes, for now it’s available for Full screen viewer and Local corrections modes.

  • It will be but a bit later :wink:

Svetlana G.

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A Nice! do we get the possibility to choose between splitscreen like now and the slider?

I never knew the split screen was available in Local Corrections. You learn something new everyday. It’s a feature that I will probably use often.


:grin: I’m always ready to help

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“It will be but a bit later” you said… back in 2018…

It’s 2023 and it’s still not there in edit mode. PLEASE add this?? The programming is already there because it shows in other places (fullscreen/local adjust).

So why for the love of it don’t you bring it in normal edit mode in Windows.

This would be soooooo helpful!

regards, Frank


In Windows activate the WB picker from the top row ( without clicking into the pic :slight_smile: )
and you get the split screen view.

Then choose → what to compare with.


@Wolfgang I am glad that you published “your” workaround some time ago and again here BUT it is a workaround in the classic sense of that word.

It should have been fixed a long time ago and the workaround shows just how easy it is to fix!

Plus you need to make sure you don’t click on the right hand pane by accident, i.e. this is useful to be able to view in split screen mode but it should be possible to leave split screen active while making normal edits.

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Thanks for that! Turns out this also works if you select the ReTouch icon in the top bar. Using the color picker isn’t as good a choice, if I accidentally click the image the whole whitebalance goes of. Is fixable with ctrl-Z but still… If I use the ReTouch icon I can still make that mistake but it won’t instantly change the whole image. And the ReTouch can also be ctrl-Z’t.

@BHAYT : This way you can ALSO use the edit pane and the splitscreen stays. But I totally agree with you, this should be fixed years ago already. I think this might even be the easiest fix of all for them since everything to change it is already in the software.

@sgospodarenko please PLEASE implement this in 7.3?

regards, Frank



It gives an even better workaround and a red blob to warn against clicking on the right hand pane, but attempting to snapshot the red blob fails with my favourite snapshot software?

From what remains of our exchanges at the time;
DxO has launched a complete overhaul of its viewer which was to be completed in stages.
I never found out if the program was completely carried out.
But I did ask.

What I understood. The new viewer is used by corrections with tool (eyedropper, etc.).
It’s the one that enables shared viewing.


@Pieloe It works with ‘White Balance Color picker’, ‘Retouch’ and ‘Re-Shape’ as far as I can tell.

That’s all well and good, but the before/after slider should just be available in any editing mode, without having to activate any of the correction tools.

You see, i didn’t know that.

Mac users who only have the split-screen view were longing for the side-by-side comparison. Trying to get a split screen view in Windows, i found out accidentally that i can have it with the picker in the top row.

Let’s see whether both user groups get what they deserve. :slight_smile:

@Frankster69 No user believes otherwise but while we wait for DxO to fix the problem and for hell to freeze over and I suspect that the freezing bit will come first, then there is a sort of workaround for those desperate to have such a feature and who don’t mind compromises.

So @Wolfgang you can use

  1. The WB dropper
  2. The ‘Retouch’ and
  3. The ‘Re-Shape’

They all appear to allow access to other adjustments, I haven’t checked if there are any limitations, and ‘Retouch’ is probably the least risky if the user inadvertently clicks on the right-hand pane.

no problem with the picker ( you see what you do )

double click to change between vertical and horizontal split screen view
grafik grafik

@Wolfgang If you click on the right-hand pane with WB colour picker selected this could happen

If you do it with Retouch you can get

if you do it with Reshape you get a grid in the righthand pane and if you click you will get nothing unless you drag one of the intersections on the grid (so perhaps that is the least risky, except for the presence of a “distracting” grid)?