Be warned if you did film pack updat yesterday

Film pack reported update yesterday, downloaded it and it installed. Its version 5.5.582.0 and today SUMo said there was an update so I checked it and again it said there was an update. After downloading I found it is version 5.5.583.0. Clearly some one didn’t change the program downloaded as an update. If you you updated yesterday you need to check again!

Hm. How do you update Filmpack? Is that part of the “Check for updates…” menu item under “DxO Photolab 2” selection? I updated PhotoLab, but I don’t think I updated Filmpack.

  • Jon

My one is the stand alone version and it has a check for updates. If you just have a plug in I don’t know.

DxO VP3.1 also is adding new camera’s :slight_smile:

I found the viewpoint update from yesterday was also the wrong download and had to re download and install that this evening.
Yesterdays was this evenings


If you use FilmPack and/ViewPoint as PhotoLab plugin there is nothing to do. Update is within PhotoLab.

If you use FilmPack and/ViewPoint stand alone version we did minor releases at same time as PhotoLab 2. Upgrade was to add support of new cameras.
We noticed a little problem with the update of the caflist (file used to get optical modules, aka cafs), to see cafs for new cameras you had to wait one day after installation. So we did a quick fix to avoid that. That’s the new update from yesterday.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

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