Be able to Make a Generic Optics Module from ExIF info to besble to load an. unlisted Camera

Raw Digger Affinity Photo 2 s able load files that Photolab cannot and have the camera info shown .

RawDigger Can Export this as TIFF No longer Raw.
CRW_0490.CR2 (20.9 MB)
CRW_0819.DNG (21.0 MB)

Wasn’t DxO Wide Gamut support for TIFF files added in PhotoLab 6.3?

Is that what you’re asking for in this feature request? If not, I’m sorry - I don’t understand.


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I take the bait.

What’s the question?
Or the request for that matter?
Owh and if you need to explain in your own language you can translate with google translate or deepl.

Raw Digger Can load Files and Show Photos that PhotoLab can not .
It is able to also Export as Tiff.When Rawdigger loaded it also shows the Camera and lens info.The Squirl Photo is a Photo that has Camera info and Lense info if you look at the post.Canon Camera can use CHDK and Magic Lantern firmware Do you work for DXo ?

No. I am not.

As far as i understand you use Raw Digger to convert Rawfile in to a tiff because dxo can’t read your rawfiles?
On the support site is a list of supported camera’s.
Is magic lantarn firmware not video related firmware?
DxO is stills only.

Magic Lantern firmwares have a lot features very usable for stills

If he genuinely tries to ask DxO to support an unsupported camera model ( may be, may be because the camera was modded on software side to produce raw files that DxO does not recognize ) his recourse can be to try to convert to DNG and put a different camera model in it that DxO will accept …

As far I underStand Magic Magic Lantern and CHDK are stills.
Raw Digger And Affinity Photo Can both load the photo and show the camera info.

PhotoLab will not let be go to Custom tab because it unsupported.

As @noname suggest it’s probably because of the softmodded nature of the camera which alters the exifdata so dxo doesn’t recoqnise your camera which would be supported in factory firmware modes.

Create a support ticket here
Ask if the magic lantern firmware is or can be supported.

This has nothing to do with DxO or PhotoLab. The metadata is corrupted in the CR2 file…

exiftool -G -a CRW_0490.CR2 
[ExifTool]      ExifTool Version Number         : 12.39
[ExifTool]      Error                           : File format error
[File]          File Name                       : CRW_0490.CR2
[File]          Directory                       : .
[File]          File Size                       : 21 MiB
[File]          File Modification Date/Time     : 2023:08:17 00:59:01+02:00
[File]          File Access Date/Time           : 2023:08:17 00:59:30+02:00
[File]          File Inode Change Date/Time     : 2023:08:17 16:33:17+02:00
[File]          File Permissions                : -rw-r--r--

I can’t even extract any of the preview JPEGs.

macOS cannot show the embedded JPEG and even FastRawViewer can’t make sense of it…

You also write that you have installed Magic Lantern firmware on the camera and you mention CHDK, which is overtly for hacking your camera. In which case, I would say you have no case against DxO as they, rightly, only support factory original hardware and firmware.


Finally, it seems that nobody has yet checked whether the camera is supported - the answer is a definite no, with or without custom firmware…


Even if it was supported… Out of the box this camera only produced .JPG files, no raw files at all.
To expect DxO to support raw files from this camera is very unrealistic.

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Ah, thank you for confirming that. I wondered why I couldn’t find any sample RAW files :roll_eyes:

I do not own that camera any more more Affinity photo Can open the Photo .That was for to allow the Camera to take raw Photos.I just have the photos left over.Raw Digger Can View the files.

I do have Photos from I phone 8 and iPhone 12 Pro and 14 Pro max.
IMG_0158.dng (28.1 MB)
IMG_0260.DNG (18.0 MB)
18.DNG (13.1 MB)
These are Camera That People have requesting.

Then I suggest you use another tool for those unsupported files. You are never going to get DxO to support custom firmware.

The iPhone 8 is supported but not the newer models, because they are not true RAW files but pretreated in the phone.

Pretreated ?True they are not raw files from Canon or Nikon.Apple 12 pro and above pro and promax are able to produce linear Raw photos.Both Denoise AI and PhotoAI can load Apple raw files (photos) and the photos I uploaded.

PhotoLab supports the gear that can be found on the supported gear web page. If you cannot find your gear (as shown in the screen capture above, you can still request support on the same page.

Until the requested gear is supported, you’ll have to use other apps. And that’s it.

Fairly annoying? Yes, but it’s what DxO chose to do.

I did and submitted my cannon 1300D lenses also.