Batching mixed ISO files

For anyone who has used Deep Prime on low ISO photos, have you seen any degradation in quality? If I set up a batch run, I’d like to process all the raws using the same settings (DP and optical corrections) without having to segregate first.


I haven’t examined every pixel to look for degradation, because DeepPRIME (like PRIME) is selective about noise reduction and because I keep the settings low for low-ISO images (around 10-15 instead of the default 40). However, I’ve been able to trust it so far - more than I trust PRIME. Your results might vary.

It’s this sort of adjusting for low ISO that I want to avoid since I may be batching ISO 64/100 mixed in with higher, maybe much higher, ISOs. Leaving the setting at the default 40 or some other number seen as optimum would be my wish. I can run some tests if I have to, I just didn’t want to take the time if someone else has already done it.

If you familiar with prime , deepprime default is turned down.
Deeprpime is almost 2 times more powerfull in cleaning noise.
A side effect was/is sharpening or better said remaining detail.
So if you have a lineair line drawn from 0-100% and have a point on that line as 40%
That’s prime.
Deepprime is brought back a bit because original 40% was too strong for being used as default.
So now imagin a line in a slightly curved way.
0 deep prime = 0 prime
40%deepprime is 25% of original setting derived from prime’s strenght level.

The misfits, artefact’s prime has at 40% and higher are much less in deep prime.
No blotches and decolorations caused by seeing detail as noise and removing that to be replaced by blocks of plane color. (losing detail).
So keeping deepprime active for all levels of iso isn’t a big problem other then processingtime and resourches.

Best way to test is using some known images where you used prime in several strenght’s. Make a project select the edited rawfiles of your choice.
Then select all, create a virtual copy.
Then select all virtual copy’s and activate the deepprime at default strength.
Let’s remember deepprime is twice as effective so avprime at 70% which is only for highiso reserved would be equaled as 50% deep prime. So 40% is not very of from it.
To test this level of adjusting create for high iso’s some extra virtual copy’s and step up from 40 to 50 to 60 to same % 70 (twice as effective)
This wil show you after export the turningpoint of denoising vs detaillosses.

After your search of which exposurelevel(hence the higher iso) needs more then the default you can create a partial preset which only change deepprime precentage
Say 100-400iso is default 40%
800-1600iso is 50%
3200-6400iso is 60%
(based on my experience with m43 sensor, so use your own sensor related findings.)

So you can select on iso sorted , apply preset’s and forget about it.

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