Batch processing NIK Collection presets through DXO Photolab

To me it is essential to have a thorough batch processing functionality just like in DXO-PL where a group of pics or even all in one folder could be assigned to one or many adaptions or even presets as well as local adjustments to achieve e.g. a unified look. Applying always the same NIK presets to pictures one by one is no useful option for reportage business like weddings a.s.o.

It is one of the main strenght of DXO-PL to have this multiple picture handling Feature and saves a lot of time.

Ran out of votes but that would be a nice feature.

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well, this was in July’18 on HDREfex or so.

When you DXO talking Integration Photolab & NIK it should be available by default anyway. Otherwise NIK to me and others would be useless

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