Batch file renaming using EXIF data

I would love to see the “Rename Selected Images” feature be extended to also make use of EXIF data. E.g. renaming files using the format YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS would ensure files can be sorted in the file system according to data/time taken.

Addendum: Make format editable and allow to add milliseconds too.

@Conil, don’t forget to vote for your proposal.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks for reminding me to vote for my own proposal and agreed regarding your addendum.

I could not see this information (milliseconds) available in the exif data during my test yesterday with Exiftool.
Did I miss it ?

Most cameras don’t seem to record milliseconds, but some seem to include them. Better prepare for these values to come up in future metadata.

I see provisions for displaying milliseconds in current versions of Lightroom Classic and Graphic Converter.

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Thanks for the feedback.
And yes better be prepared. Times are changing… fast :joy:

Up to now I use CANON DPP to rename my files [YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss_original_name] before putting them in their final directory. And I use XnView whenever I need to change the date of capture when I have forgotten to set the right local time when I travel away.
If both could be done in DPL, it would be simpler.

Although an old topic, I have added my vote, as this would be helpful in overcoming the way Canon recycles file names after 9999 images. The method used in FastStone Image Viewer seems good. It allows you to automatically insert the ‘date modified’ from EXIF data (this seems to be the shot date), followed by a number when doing batch renaming. The result is (for example) 2023-06-07_00001.CR3. There are other pre-set options to choose from when renaming. Of course I can just do this in FastStone as part of the overall workflow before editing in DxO but better to do it all together in the one software product.