Batch Build Previews with Preset applied for all photos in folder / DxO Photolab 4

Hello, i got important question for everybody working with big amount of photos and batch processing images in DxO Photolab 4

Namely, when You apply preset to 100 photos, then move singly in ‘Customize’ mode from one photo to next one, You have to wait (about two seconds) for preview of the photo with the preset applied.

How to generate all previews in advance, so to not wait until preset is applied?

For example in Lightroom, there is option to ‘create standard previews’, so You dont have to wait everytime when previewing photo to update the standard preview, but You build them in advance for all pictures selected.
Is there an option like this in DxO Photolab?

This is important when working with many pictures.

Thank You for DxO and it’s great features ,