Basic palette

hmmmm, short story… I made the palette as it used to be in PL3, now in PL5 there’s some upper right selection icon, once you click on one of them it open different tools, how do you bring back to your basic palette form when you start PL?
I’m on Mac.
thought I should select a bunch and click the star for a favourite but… that seem weird to me.

Have you saved your view as a (new) workspace?

Unchecking the selection should bring back that workspace. It does on my Macs.

Yep saved as workspace, so if i click one icon and click it again, you saying it brings your palette back?
Thanks, I’ll have to try later, good to know.

Your custom palette will only be shown when NO other built-in palettes are shown - i.e. no other tools (icons at top right) are selected.