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I am giving the trial of PL3 a go and am having real trouble with what should be simple editing tasks; in this particular case spot removal and object removal. I checked out the guide here: and it looks super easy, however when I click on the repair tool, I get a different tool to the one displayed in the video and end up making a right mess of something that is easy to do in PSE 2020 (and previous) - I must be doing something fundamentally wrong!

I am finding some of the global edition features of PL3 really good and easy, but when it comes down to detailed stuff I am lost. Ideally I would like to do as much in PL3 on the RAW image as possible to keep best quality and only use PSE 2020 for printing mainly…

Vimeo tells me that video is two years old, and things have changed. There are two options to use the tool: Repair and Copy. Depending on what you do, you’ll better use the one over the other. Please also check the official guide here:
Moreover, the example shown in the video is really simple. More complex things are not that easy to get rid of!

…sounds normal (if this is your first contact with PL) and again, looking into the guide might help unless you want to ask how to do this and that in this here forum.

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Hello Edmund,

have a look here at this tutorial:



Thank you both for your links, I will check them out.

There are many tutorials on Youtube:


Edmund, the general rule with these two options is;

  • use the Repair option if you’re trying to remove something - - and PL will usually do a good job of proposing a source for the repair that merges in well with the surrounding area - - but, if not then you can always change the source
  • use the Clone option if you want to specifically copy/duplicate some aspect/area of the image to another area in the image - - again, you can change the source area as required.

John M


If you want to do more in PL3 then you need to use the local adjustments. This short video will get you up to speed.