Base colour rendering

After switching from capture one pro to dxo using the latest black Friday offers. I’m finding that the initial colours of images in dxo compared to those in capture one almost radioactive, all colours but green yellow and red especially are very saturated and bright. Which of the base film standards would folks recommend using to get a more natural looking image to start with.

Which preset are you using as default? You need to use something like the “DxO Optical Corrections only” to avoid any changes to colours and tones. The “DxO Standard” tends to alter things slightly.

At the moment it’s set as standard.

You can try turning Smart Lighting off. I find that in PhotoLab 6 that tends to over-brighten images.

But look at what Color Rendering is set to in the adjustment palettes. For your RAW files, Generic / DxO camera default will tend to imitate the out-of-camera JPEG rendering. Which can be very contrasty and bright. But also, the RAW file tends to have a bigger range of color levels, so also try raising “Protect saturated colors” to 80-100 and see if that helps.