Banding after apply NIK plug-ins

For years I´ve been experiencing a type of Banding after apply Silver Efex, Analog, Color Efex, etc, to my RAW (Adobe RGB)>TIFF 16 Bit files. Never understood why this occurs. My Mac Pro is a bit older now, with an old graphic card (mid 2010) but this isan old issue also (I bought NIK Collection even before Google version).
I use an calibrated EIZO Graphic Monitor, now as old as the Mac Pro, but again this banding issues aren´t new.

I used to process and edit my RAW files with Photoshop/Adobe RAW and over the last years I´ve been using Affinity Photo instead. The banding issues are the same.

Anyone with the same problem?

I keep using this older NIK Versions because I don´t see real advantages worth to pay again for what I payed for. I tried the new DXO Versions (trial period) and the results are the same.

GPU Turned on/off (Nik settings); no difference.

Software problem? Hardware problem?


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