Backward Incompatibility Viveza

Warning: Viveza 3 is NOT backwardly compatible with Viveza 2 when applied to Photoshop Smart Objects. When opened, a Viveza 2 Smart Object layer, the layer inactive and cannot be edited. I suspect that Silver Efex Pro is similarly affected.

I think the new NIK collection would contain sufficient legacy code to at least open Viveza 2 layers and read the various settings to convert to the new version. I’m rolling back to maintain editability until NIK fixes this.

I am having the same problem with Silver Efex

I expected that … Silver Efex and Viveza are different than the other panels in being stand-alone programs. When I look inside a PSD file I can see the sections for Viveza’s slider and U-Point settings. Why they cannot use these data to at least read the settings and apply to the new version, I do not understand. And why not provide for a side-by-side installation allowing both on the same computer?

I hope DXO pays attention to this. For now, I’m keeping the ‘old’ version so I can continue to edit older images, but not using it going forward.

So … Viveza 3,4 and 5 did noy recognize or allow editing of Viveza 2 when applied as a Samrt Object. Has this been fixed in v6?