Backing up the database

According to the Photolab 6 manual, you can back up the database by going to “File > DxO PhotoLab Database > Create a Backup”.

But I don’t find that. There is, however, “File > Project Database > Create a Backup”. Is that the same thing, or does it back up only the projects (which is what I assumed)?

You don’t see this? Are you on the Mac version? That may be a bit different.


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I am on the Mac version, and I don’t see what you showed. Instead of the “DxO PhotoLab database” selection you highlighted, I see “Project Database”. But the submenus are the same. I am guessing that "Project Database → Create a backup will back up the PhotoLab file, but I’m not sure and also not sure how I could test it.

Don’t be affraid!
Project Database is the right way… then, you select “Create a backup”, confirm in the dialog box, and, finally, choose your destination folder for your backup. Photolab automatically restarts.
That’s it!


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Thanks! I guess DxO needs to fix either the manual or the menus.

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Yes, there are a LOT of inconsistencies between Windows and Mac versions of the software.