Backing up PL5 database and sidecar files prior to trialing PL6?

Does anyone know if trialling PL6 will upgrade the existing PL5 database and sidecar files and prevent compatibility with PL5 ?

Is there any recommended way to backup/restore the PL5 database/files ?

Is it safe to install PL6 and just test it on a separate folder of images to prevent changes to the PL5 installation or will that also cause some files to be upgraded and lose compatibility with PL5 ?


PL6, PL5, and earlier versions can all exist side-by-side on a computer. Each has its own database. They won’t step on each other, provided you don’t edit a given folder of image files with more than one version (in which case the sidecar files will have to be synchronized with multiple databases).

Installing PL6 won’t change your installation of PL5. Yes, do test it on a separate folder of images. That will be fine. :grin:

Thanks for that

Backup or restore the database from DPL’s menu.

You can also restore the DPL6 database from the DPL5 database directly. This will bring DPL6 to the same level of “knowledge” as your DPL 5 was - including meat, hair and bones.