Back up PL5 Data Base?

I am wondering if backing up my PL5 Elite Data Base is as simple as copying the following file:
C:\Users\glenn\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 5\Database , and putting the copy on my external drive. If I do that periodically, I reason that is all I need to back up the data base. If the original should get corrupted or should I change computers. I think all I would need to do at that point is copy the latest copy to the New Version of PL or to the new hard drive.

I am using PL5 Elite, Windows 10 (latest version).

Thank you for your assistance.

In theory yes, but all your file files must have the same tree structure and your root repertoire the same letter.
The best is to use the *.dop and *.xmp files and recreate a database and start on something clean.

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@SailAway while what @Franky says is correct i.e. that DxPL will use the DOP to recover the image edits and/or the xmp or DOP to recover the metadata (if you require an explanation of that please ask), it is also possible to save the databases to wherever you want and either copy them back or, on the Windows platform actually “point” DxPL(Win) to the database to wherever you want!

So in my case I could copy any or all of these backups to whatever media I wanted, these are located in the default location in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 6\Database e.g.

but could be located anywhere with DxPL(Win) so backup from the correct location, the active copy of the database is simply designated as ‘PhotoLab.db’ and in my case there is one of those in the default location and one on E:\ (SSD SATA) and another on N:\ (NVME) !!

Official backups will have a name assigned by DxPL and ending in .DB and can be used by DxPL by copying back and changing the name to 'PhotoLab.db or by using

These are located on the E:\ drive

But don’t forget to backup your Presets

Please also note the ‘Workspaces’ directory.

The export configurations are not stored in the database, they are held here in a config file

or rather

Hope that helps.