Awkward Aspect Ratio

I rarely “Preserve” Aspect Ratio, and instead almost always use “Unconstarined”. Let me set “Unconstrained” as the default, which seems like the logical choice.

Jim Meketa

There is a way to achieve this:

  • You take the preset that you have set in preferences as “default”
  • Set the settings to “unconstrained” and save the preset under a new name
  • Go to preferences and set the new preset as your default preset



Additionally, you can quickly switch into Unconstrained mode if you hold down the Crtl-Key (or Cmd-Key for Mac ?) while manipulating the Crop handles.

John M

SHIFT key in PhotoLab on Mac…(have removed the VP app)

Since this thread is in the VP area of the forum, I’m wondering if whether the OP is referring to the VP integrated into PL or the standalone VP. If it is the integrated version then the explanations provided above are correct but if it is the standalone version then I don’t think that this change can be achieved.

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Ah, yes … I had not noticed that !

Assuming usage of VP as integrated within PhotoLab …

In the Win version of PL, usage of Shift-key while manipulating crop-handles will maintain the current aspect ratio (whatever it is at the time) … while Ctrl-key functions as explained above.


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