Awful payment system won't allow me to purchase Nik

I am trying to have tried different browsers and credit cards and cannot advance through DXO payment system. I am on macOS Mojave and tried Chrome and Safari.

After confirming the payment details I get to the payment section but cannot proceed. There is a screen with the following and a back button. I cannot advance to download page. I hope I didn’t get charged and I have tried this four times with no confirmation email with activation code. Very lame.

Order reference : xxxxxxxx
Total charge : 74.99 USD
Beneficiary : DxO Labs

Good morning,

Please, address this issue directly to and you’ll get a personal help.

Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,

I have already emailed dxo support but have not got a reply. Is there a phone # I can call to make sure I have not been charged multiple times. I order online all the time and the dxo payment processing system is buggy and does not inspire confidence in customers buying, or attempting to buy, dxo products.

I do not have their phone number, but I’ve sent this link directly to them.

Please, wait a bit and you’ll be contacted.

Svetlana G.