Avoiding redundant operations with PureRaw and ACR?

I am knowledgeable about photography but relatively new to PureRAW. Apologies if this is a noob question, but I have spent several hours looking without finding anything relevant.

I shoot everything (Canon R5) in raw, use Photo Supreme for importing and organizing the CR3ā€™s, and Photoshop for image editing. When I add PureRAW to the workflow, I run it in standalone mode, and then edit the output DNG with Photoshop.

When I open a DNG with Photoshop, it brings up ACR first. My question is what is the best policy for reconciling the operations performed by PureRAW and ACR, for example:

  1. disable optical corrections in ACR, since PureRAW has already done them?
  2. or skip ACR entirely? This seems problematic as it is often necessary to apply other corrections in ACR, e.g. exposure

Any guidelines or comments welcome. I have been doing #1 above (making sure a given correction is applied only once) and getting good results.

if you applied optics (lens) correction in DxO software then you indeed need to disable them in ACR/LR for linear DNG ( or TIFF for example ) that you are working with ā€¦

First point is how you should be doing it and you seem to be doing it correctly. And if you are getting good results, continue. :slight_smile:

DXO PureRAW is intended to prepare RAW files for further RAW editing in third party application such as Lightroom, ACR or Capture one etc. The idea is that DXO offers superior noise demoseicing, noise reduction and lens correction than other programs, and for those who use other programs that I mentioned for many other resons, from cataloging to specific features, or simply familiarity and established workflow. PureRAW offers the advantage of preparing the files to be RAW data saved as Linear DNG format, with benefits of DXO technology and lens correction.

In Lightroom and I think also in ACR, usually the optical corrections, noise reduction, sharpness etc will be turned off automatically once you open up the Linear DNG processed by PureRAW. You should leave DXO version from PureRAW as is, because its usually superior and there is no need to apply double correction since it already has been done. Talking about the lens corrections here.

While, if Iā€™m not mistaken, its possible to export in TIFF and JPEG from PureRAW, unlike DXO PhotoLab which offers all the other corrections like exposure etc. PureRAW was meant to be only a way to prepare the RAW data for further fine tuning in ACR/Lr/C1. So I would suggest you do what you have done before.

Use PureRAW to process the RAW files and take the advantage of the technology PureRAW uses and than open the DNG files it has exported in ACR ,adjust color and tone, and either save them as JPEG/TIFF or open them in Photoshop for further retouching and than save them.

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