Avoiding halos when using Fine Contrast

For the most part, the four Fine Contrast sliders do an excellent job but, from time to time, they cause horrendous halos, as in this example around the end of the house and the chimney.

Local Microcontrast is too harsh and, in this case, would not allow me to vary the shadows/mid-tones/highlights as I need to do.

It might be (barely) passable on screen but, when I just made an A2 print, it is blatantly obvious.

Any ideas?

Umm, use lateral thinking and explain it away by telling viewers it’s caused by the light of the moon, lying low in the sky but hidden by the house??

Well, you did ask for ideas :grin:


Is there a mask involved? I found the only way was lower chroma/ luma, even if it meant scrubbing the original “logical” mask(s) and experimenting with less obvious placement and coverage to try to achieve the same without edges. All the problems are with edges.

What happens if you create masks where there are halos and apply negative microcontrast or contrast locally?

Have you tried to use highlights or mid-tone sliders to tweak the effect? Usually its possible to get desired results, in most cases. There are six sliders, so there is a lot of control.


Another thing you could try is to use either lens correction at high seeings, sometimes you can get similar effect with less halo problems. Additionally one could use third party tools.

Have you tried adjusting smart lighting or clear view plus? I forget which but usually when I come across these halos, it’s more impacted by one of these (TBH I forget which) than fine contrast…

My default preset is very light on smart lighting now and clear view because they sometimes create too much unwanted stuff like this.

Try to not use Smart Lighting. SL in combination with other detail enhancing settings creates these halos. They are most visible in dark parts of an image.


My point exactly.

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Thanks @platypus I will take it into account in my workflow.
sometimes I have had such halloes I will try to turn of Smart Lighting and check if it helped

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