Autumn Update Date!

I understand that the Canon R5 will be supported in the “Autumn Update”. Please can you advise when that will be.

Many thanks

Maybe someone from DxO can tell you a more specific date, but I don’t assume.
This is the best what officially can be found:

Previous versions have been released:

  • October 24, 2018 v2.0
  • October 23, 2019 v3.0

It will probably be the same for this v4.0 but the future will tell …

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Autumn ! … That’s a long way away … We’re only just now in spring !

John M … Australia


John, that’s the penalty for living bellow the equator. You have to deal with the lingo of those of us on the northern half of the planet. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just checked and the northern hemisphere contains around 90% of the world’s population…


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Many thanks.

And because they live up side down they are a bit hot headed…blood flows to there heads… :rofl:
But i am rather in springtime then autum… Rain cold wind brrr.


As it is well known - the world is flat anyway - so there should not be a problem for John with too much blood flowing into his head :grinning:


Yes it’s flat…but you forgot the 4 :elephant: ( Berilia , Tubul , Groß-T’Phon and Jerakeen ), standing at the tortoise Big-A’Tuin


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I think this is a problem of the photolab - update policy:

You have to pay only for “major” updates.
If you want this profile for a new camera, you have to pay.
Same with “normal” updates: if you update too much during the year (for free), the next major update seems to be too small for buying. - So nothing happens, even for the smallest changes you have to wait till black friday;-)

Indeed. It seems DxO have quite a way to go if the want to challenge Adobe.

why “to want challenge Adobe” ? At the moment Affinity has a challenge with Adobe, and they do a good Job. I know a lot off people that replaced Adobe with Affinity products. Privat ones and in business too.
For me it would be good enough if DXO make a better EXIF Job, improve speed/background jobs and a good keyword Job to replace my last Adobe product LR.
In case of developing RAW Files, implement a very good B&W conversion with NIK, the View Point possibilties, Film Pack stuff for me it’s just a dream.

So girls and guys from DXO…keep on this way to reach :checkered_flag:

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You can check things here:

Enter R5 in the search field to find a release date of 2020-10.
2020-10 means October and it looks like R5 support comes with a lot (300+) of lens modules
for RF, EF and EF-S mount lenses.

Well yes, but to be able to use what Photolab can do they first have to support the camera being used. Adobe always manages to support new cameras, in some way, quickly and efficiently. DxO seem to take months, only adding support for new cameras when they update the rest of the software, which seems somewhat bizarre really.

Dear @stevvi,

you are right…I forgot the beginning of the thread with the Canon R5 :innocent:.

I didn’t know exactly when the R5 has been released, and didn’t know who makes the better job implementing new cameras and lens data.

best regards


Here: EOS R5 RAW support
Svetlana says: “You can expect it in October, 2020.”

Which matches the release dates of 2 and 3: Autumn Update Date!