Automatic negative conversion

I often take pictures of negatives instead of scanning them. Unfortunately, converting color negatives is a bit tedious because you have to create the appropriate presets yourself.

Couldn’t that process be built in as an automatic option like in a scanning program? The negatives must be inverted with a subsequent white balance taking into account the orange masking of the color negatives.

That shouldn’t be a difficult matter, because the technology has been available in scanning programs for a long time.

I know how to do this manually, but would prefer an automatic option like Negative Lab Pro for Lightroom.

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It would be great if DxO could add this functionality to PhotoLab. I’m sure that they have the expertise regarding technology, I’m unsure if they are willing to invest in something that is not (yet) mainstream and that might not guarantee best results easily…

Meanwhile, Negative Lab Pro does a fairly good job in Lightroom and Darktable is coming up with the function too.

Why not move this in the “feature reguest” so people can vote for it ? @sgospodarenko ?

I guess, at some point, with all the tools PL already provides, this could be a very useful addition. And PL will capture more customers looking to work on their negatives.

Does this request already exist? Search for: negative in:title

Oh I see. Thank you @Egregius.

But maybe @sgospodarenko can help us organise this a bit better ? :blush:

Hello guys,

Well, there is a feature request with almost the same title - So I won’t convert this one into a request. Please, vote for the existing one.

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Don’t see the old request for automatic negative’s conversion


  • Try now, please.

Svetlana G.

Thank you !!

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