Automatic corrections applied even though "No Correction" preset selected

Indeed! Strive for what you like instead of searching for what might be “correct” - unless you work in the field of reproductions, where results should look as close to the original as possible.

Now I know why it’s called Darktable.


@Inkheart @platypus @Joanna
There is at least a color style choosen by each manufacturer for its bodys and this is why lot of nikon users like “nikon colors”.

Would be nice if they were “cracked” by DxO more faithfully when creating body profile.
Seeing all the attention that dxo gives to its tests I would expect and like something closer.

DxO demosaicer looks in a way like fujifilm at the age of the silver photography (I am sure @Joanna understand what I’m saying). For sure it is not an ektachrome !

Maybe trying to shrink all raw datas in adobe rvb color space does not allow to keep some subtlety.

As someone once explained to me:

  • A JPEG is a fully baked cake.
  • A RAW is a box of ingredients you can use to make a cake.
  • The RAW Preview you see in most apps is just the picture of a cake on the back of the ingredients box.

RAW’s aren’t ‘supposed’ to look like anything - they are a bunch of ingredients. You have to cook them before they become a cake, so complaining they don’t immediately look like a specific cake is kinda missing the point.


And the jpeg or tiff your camera provides or embed in your raw (I know it can provide several and you can choose them) is often the starting point recipe that mades you choose a camera ! Sooooo …
So it should be the reference recipe
The brand specific colors …

What the photo on the back of the cake box looks like depends on the brand, but what the actual cake looks like when baked depends on you.

So I wouldn’t get too concerned about whether your cake looks like some arbitrary standard, as long as you’re happy with the result.

The point is, RAW’s are not a standard image format, they are a collection of data. There is no ‘normal’ way for a RAW to look, there is only an interpretation. By definition, interpretations differ.

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I do make the cake ! There is no need to question about it !
But I want a good hoven !!!

And here we’re talking about hoven ! Nothing else !

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Well, if my untouched RAW file is going to look like an overly edified image, then I don’t don’t have much choice :sweat_smile:

My complaint is quite the opposite.

It’s not that it doesn’t look like a specific cake, but precisely that it does.

I feel like I’m starting with a poorly baked cake and I need to fix it. I would love to start with the ingredients instead.

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I’d say not many people would buy cake mix if the box just showed the ingredients. :wink:

True, but when I open the file in DxO PL I’m looking at the ingredients, not the box, so I’m expecting to see the ingredients and not the cake… This is not my metaphor :sweat_smile:


Hi - by now you will know that the jpeg preview (whether viewed in DXO, LR, Faststone, or indeed on the back of your camera) is determined by the picture style you have set in your camera. The picture style only affects the jpeg, but even if you are shooting RAW, it affects the embedded preview image. I suspect you have a very low contrast, low saturation picture style selected on your camera - maybe “neutral” for example. So what you are regarding as your “initial” image tonality is less punchy than the interpretation of the RAW converter. If this lower contrast interpretation is what you require as a starting point for further processing, create a preset that looks similar to your jpeg preview, save it, and then set it as the default to be applied when opening subsequent images.

To get a flat starting point, use the following colour rendering:

It takes some getting used to the flat look in the beginning, but this rendering provides the best starting point for those who like a realistic and film-like look.

Thanks, that’s what I did :slightly_smiling_face:
I was just surprised to see such a big difference in RAW color interpretation between DxO and LR.

Thanks, I played a bit with these settings, and that one is really flat. Might be useful in some situations, but I wouldn’t use it as a starting point for all my photos.

@Inkheart – now read again
Automatic corrections applied even though "No Correction" preset selected - #13 by Wolfgang

… Standard preset 3 - Neutral colors

Even with standard selected for my nikon, photolab generally give me too by default a more saturated vivid image even when no preset is applied to raw.

It looks like if photolab wants to flatter image in a style which is more suitable for the general public than giving a neutral starting point that allows more simply to find the natural rendering of the image or go to the wanted style.
Please try to understand and not argue about the idea of natural rendering if it is not too much to ask.

It is an already baked cake.

It should be a preset that gives default result photolab provides.

I have the exact same problem. Even though I turned off all corrections, the raw format changes immediately and looks much noisier than the jpeg pair. Even more interesting is that in the ACDSee organizer they look ok. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it with no success. Dead pixel removal (night shot) doesn’t work either

The raw displayed with everything turned off is a raw default demosaic processed image. No tuned color, no noise reduction etc.

A jpg - being the preview jpg stored within the raw or a in camera produced jpg parallel to the raw file, is always a post processed image based on the in camera settings. Those can be default ones but they are created and tuned by the manufacturer to capture the color expression they want the “default” to be. Noise reduction is pretty much always applied. Either by a certain number or by the nature of jpg codec or resolution scaling of jpg.


What have you set as your default preset for RAW files?