Automatic corrections applied even though "No Correction" preset selected

Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback.

I tried the steps you mentioned, but nothing seems to be helping.

  • I’m starting DxO with the “No Correction” preset
  • I copied the raw file to a different folder
  • I used new raw files that were not loaded in DxO before
  • I deleted the database (I assume it’s the file in AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 5\Database?)
  • All to no avail, the “No correction” preset still uses aggressive corrections

To illustrate what I mean exactly, here’s an example. From the left: JPEG preview, Lightroom RAW, DxO RAW:

Sorry for the delay in responding, the moderation of my posts takes forever :neutral_face:

Did you try to activate and change options in color rendering tab, and tweak its slider ?
This changes the starting point (kind of transfer curve from your raw to your bitmap displayable image).

I didn’t keep the default one in order to limit this oversaturated starting point.

What is your camera ? Mine react the same way (D850) if I keep default starting point.

@Inkheart – would you mind to upload a jpg + raw-file so that we can try?

I did play a bit with these settings, and some of them improve the initial state a lot, but my understanding is that this is also applying color corrections, and I just would like to have the original RAW colors after opening it in DxO :sweat_smile:

My camera is Olympus E-M1 II, so looks like this is not limited to any specific camera brand.

Sure thing, here’s the RAW file. I don’t have a separate JPEG, what I posted above is the built in preview when I open the file with FastStone.

P3130916.ORF (18.5 MB)

When you open a file the first time im PL, for a short moment you see the embedded JPG and as soon the raw-file is developped you see PL’s interpretation (talking about the “no correction” preset)
– which can be different as it can be from Lightroom’s interpretation or e.g. FastRawViewer,
while the jpg appearance simply mirrors your in camera settings → PhotoLab 5 Color rendering picks wrong camera body

If you don’t like PL’s interpretation for your cam

choose a different Color Rendering
Screen Shot 03-19-22 at 10.13 AM

and set it as standard (new images discovered by PL)


I took your file, opened it in Apple’s default Preview app on my Mac and opened it in PL5, with no corrections applied. Then, I took a screenshot of the two side by side…

There is the slightest of difference, caused by the demosaïcing process, not by corrections.

On the other hand, if I extract the JPEG preview from your RAW file and open show it in a QuickLook pane, alongside the default preview that QuickLook gives from the RAW file…

There really is no difference, because the preview shown by Finder is the inbuilt JPEG preview image.

As I and @Wolfgang have both said before, what you are seeing when PL first opens the image, is the JPEG preview image being shown whist the demosaïcing is happening. And as Wolfgang says, not all apps use the same demosaïcing algorithm, so you will see differences between what Lightroom gives and what PL gives.

But, rest assured, what you are seeing has nothing to do with any corrections being applied. You have every chance that Lightroom isn’t showing you the “correct” RAW rendering.

Out off interest, in PL5, I selected the Adobe DCP “natural” rendering for your camera…

Capture d’écran 2022-03-19 à 10.52.21

… that gives me…

So, what PL5 is showing appears to be the same as that as its default.

A RAW image is what it says on the tin - a collection of raw data, which can be interpreted to suit the photographer’s preference. Just as there was no standard way of printing a film negative.


Good, you wrote “correct” with quotation marks.

Imo, there is no “correct” raw rendering, only dialects of whatever colour language was used when the photo was taken. All raw developers have their own ideas of how raw image data should be transformed into something that we can recognise as a representation of what was photographed.


Because I’m a bit OCD, here’s a series of screenshots from each of the 9 RAW processors/viewers that I possess (app names are in the screenshot filename)

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…and thy are all showing “correct” renderings…

Indeed. To quote Sally Mann…

What is truth in photography? It can be told in a hundred different ways. Every thirtieth of a second when the shutter snaps, it’s capturing a different piece of information

Thank you all for your input. I guess I will just need to create a starting preset that I will happy with, and won’t look overly saturated to me :slightly_smiling_face:

< tin hat on > But then you won’t have the untouched RAW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :roll_eyes: :laughing: :grin: < /tin hat off >

Indeed! Strive for what you like instead of searching for what might be “correct” - unless you work in the field of reproductions, where results should look as close to the original as possible.

Now I know why it’s called Darktable.


@Inkheart @platypus @Joanna
There is at least a color style choosen by each manufacturer for its bodys and this is why lot of nikon users like “nikon colors”.

Would be nice if they were “cracked” by DxO more faithfully when creating body profile.
Seeing all the attention that dxo gives to its tests I would expect and like something closer.

DxO demosaicer looks in a way like fujifilm at the age of the silver photography (I am sure @Joanna understand what I’m saying). For sure it is not an ektachrome !

Maybe trying to shrink all raw datas in adobe rvb color space does not allow to keep some subtlety.

As someone once explained to me:

  • A JPEG is a fully baked cake.
  • A RAW is a box of ingredients you can use to make a cake.
  • The RAW Preview you see in most apps is just the picture of a cake on the back of the ingredients box.

RAW’s aren’t ‘supposed’ to look like anything - they are a bunch of ingredients. You have to cook them before they become a cake, so complaining they don’t immediately look like a specific cake is kinda missing the point.


And the jpeg or tiff your camera provides or embed in your raw (I know it can provide several and you can choose them) is often the starting point recipe that mades you choose a camera ! Sooooo …
So it should be the reference recipe
The brand specific colors …

What the photo on the back of the cake box looks like depends on the brand, but what the actual cake looks like when baked depends on you.

So I wouldn’t get too concerned about whether your cake looks like some arbitrary standard, as long as you’re happy with the result.

The point is, RAW’s are not a standard image format, they are a collection of data. There is no ‘normal’ way for a RAW to look, there is only an interpretation. By definition, interpretations differ.

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I do make the cake ! There is no need to question about it !
But I want a good hoven !!!

And here we’re talking about hoven ! Nothing else !

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