Autodectection of teleconverters (300/4 + TC-17E)

Hi. I have a lot of shots with D3 + AF-S 300/4 + TC-17E, PhotoLab has such profile a very long time (I’we tried old versions of PhotoLab and the last one), but only 5% of shots or less can be processed with it, PhotoLab shows “No DxO Optics Module available for this image” for the rest of such shots. This issue can be even in one shooting session for shots taken same minute. Original files are unaltered in any way, so I can’t understand the difference between “good” files and the “bad” ones.
Is there any way to fix this?

Just realized that all “bad” shots has aperture 6.7, and the “good” ones has 7.1 and up… So we have an incomplete profile? Very pity (

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