Auto WB usertools

i talked earlier about “Auto Absolute WB” and “Auto Natural WB” to types of image deep color scanning form s of AWB to overcome easy color castings due light (source) on scene’s.
There is under water correction but well as every one knows the colorshift underwater is level of water (how deep you are) above you depending and even “color” of water (how clean it is) depending. So just a simple one tone is not good enough. it would be more accurate if you could dail in the -15M or so so you can give the application a hint how much “redisch” light is filtered of the source (mostly sun)

But that’s not what i am want to bring up now.
i did some fireworks shooting (yes i let others take the risk and i just watched with safety glasses and earplugs :slight_smile: ) and one of the problems is redisch sky due shotnoise and infrared and red light coming from the exploding fireworks.
That Redisch glow is particulairy difficult to get rid of. ( This glow is caused by heating up sensor, lightsources reflecting to the particals in the air . (polluted air/sky is the main cause for your nice warm sunset colors :wink: ) dis-balance of light strenght in the Hue spectrum (what WB is all about.)

Tried HSL, Tried Upoint /controlpoints best way i did was colorpicker and then temp as 2998 to get some warmed back.

( i looked in the Denoise section and shotnoise as in that redisch glow you get from long exposure shuttertimes isn’t manual to choose from.)
Ok my RED sky is mostly explosion radiation and sensor heating up (burstmodes) i think but being able to manual balance the “Rednoise” would be great. (Red noise is also from long exposure due heating up sensor)
(some Camera’s have “longexposure correction” for SOOC-jpeg)

Resume: i would like to have a (Shotnoise)-slider inside the WB tool to reduce the “red” in the night sky without changing the hole WB, (it’s get blue or green when you use the colorpicker)
After that de Denoise tool PRIME can handle the noise caused by long exposures.

Holala Vuurwerk in Nederland :exploding_head:

The color rendering of a firework is a personal view, no?
In your case this red color is “in” the scene.


Yeh a 2 days warzone! :scream:

No see this clip

It’s shotnoise, radiation noise( due explosion and fog with smoke around the lightsource) , and WB mishit from the camera.
( set MF on infinity and used f1.7 to f4 on 15mm.) limited to 3200iso.)
Next time i think i read the manual how to set my AWB to WB fixed :wink:
Take a shot at a white plate and enter the value’s of that AWB in the WB and then it’s not reacting on the lightcolors of the fireworks…



…all this looks fairly natural. When you shine a red light at smoke, you’ll get a red glow etc.

All those little explosions create all kinds of colours and it’s probably a good idea to fix WB beforehand…but it will only take influence on OOC jpgs. If you shoot raw, you can set your WB to whatever makes your shots look nice. Setting exposure to manual might be a good idea too.

Here, you could try to make the sky neutral using the largest pipette size to pick up the black somewhere away from the lights. Moving the blackpoint might help neutralize the background too.

Lots have this kind of sky look.
after in the corner colorpick and then a 2998manual to get some red back (it gets to grey otherwize)

Doesn’t be a setting, the manual made WB in camera which is taken over by “As Shot” setting?
So i get a more stationairy WB setting?

No, i tried, then the light difference makes a problem to much.
i did manual Aperture and focus and i-ISO which creates a shutterspeed by the i-ISO (movement does raise ISO.
And i tried a Shutter prioity and auto Aperture and fix iso. That gives a nicer look but FAR more difficult to time right exposure.