Auto Vignetting is over aggressive

I have a picture of some geese flying over a plain blue sky taken with a Sony A1+ 70-200mm f4 G II.

All the autoable settings are on auto, including vignetting. The result is white corners / edges. Switching off Auto Vignetting, which defaults to 100, seems to give a much better result. A setting of about 50 is still OK. This is the first time that I have noticed this phenomenon. (7.0.3)

So I don’t know whether it is the profile for the particular lens, or the interaction between vignetting correction and, eg, clear view or, indeed, the creative vignetting setting that I also have set (to -10).

I had this problem about a year ago. It could be a bad optics module from DxO. Use to submit a bug report with some sample RAW files. Another possible cause is that you added an element to the lens, such as a polarizer or other filter, that made the rest of the sky darker.

You should definitely turn Creative Vignetting off for your tests. Likewise any local adjustments. But ClearView Plus should only exaggerate what’s already there.

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