Auto-apply Presets - what settings do they adjust?

Hi, newbie here… just getting to grips with PL.

I selected “DxO Style - Natural” as the default in Preferences and I can see that various options and settings have been applied, but is there a way to know what those settings are for any given preset?

And, if I wanted to ‘remove’ that preset do I just select the relevant camera profile under “Color/B&W Rendering”?


All the available presets including “DxO Style - Natural” are available for selection using the Apply preset button in the top right corner of the screen. You can select any available preset as your startup preset in Preferences. There also a "No correction’ preset available which I use for my RGB (non-raw) images.


The easiest way to see what settings are applied by any preset is to select the “Active settings” button before you begin adding any edits to the image. It will display everything that has been set up to that moment.

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Thanks Mark. That “Active corrections/settings” button at top right is just what I was looking for.

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And you can see all active corrections at once by clicking on the first icon in the red rectangle and then shift clicking on the last one, which will activate all tabs (can take a little time to update) and show every tool photolab has at once in the list below.

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Equally, if none of the icons are selected, you get the same thing.


Thanks - super helpful.