Auto-appending a Short Identifier to the Filename When Saving from a Nik Tool

I’ve noticed that HDR Efex Pro 2 has a nice feature. When you save to exit the tool, it creates a new file and appends “_HDR” to the end of the filename. It would be great to have all the Nik tools do something similar, especially since some don’t have a “save as…” option…

In my normal workflow, I often have several versions of the same file in the folder, all of which have the base name with varying numbers of “_nik” appended to the name. Having each tool put its unique identifier would help me more quickly find the one I’m working on when returning to PhotoLab.

Reminder, Jeff: You can vote for your own suggestion/request … It’s good & reasonable, I reckon.


I use Nik tools from the stand-alone applications. This allows me to add to the name of the resulting file (TIFF or JPEG) a short identifier that distinguishes it from the original file or other files reworked with one of the Nik tools. But this procedure is not automatic and I can understand the proposal of jeffjones22, especially if you have a lot of files to work on.